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Cash for junk cars NJ is a professional licensed business, we help keep the environment clean of hazards. We recycle the metal and safely remove the fluids so nothing left to the surrounding and the environment. Don't let your old car become an environment's hazard, don't put your family and community at risk, we are just a call away and while helping the environment you get cash. Your old car can no longer serve you so why keep it in your driveway or backyard? It become a liability for you, so why not selling it for money to a professional eco friendly business who will recycle it and make sure to keep the environment safe and clean. We buy old junk cars, we provide free towing and pay cash on the spot. We also deal directly with the scrap business, so we control the entire process and that is why people trust us! and that is why WE PAY MORE! Don't compromise, get more for your used car. Call or email us today for a free estimate:


Looking to get rid of your old car, looking to keep the environment safe and clean we can help, give us a call. We buy old junk vehicles, any model, year, scrap and salvage cars, with or without title. We are a licensed New Jersey business, we also buy trucks and SUV's. We pay cash on the spot and tow your old/junk vehicle free.

Morgan Towing - Cash for Old Junk Cars NJ

Sell your old car to an eco friendly company and get more money...
junk auto People are not sure what to do with their old cars, so they just let them sit until they start deteriorating. These cars, sitting idle, often leak fluids such as anti-freeze, oil and transmission fluid, which could eventually contaminate local ground water. We buy and remove unwanted junk vehicles and trucks. We have our trucks ready and we provide top service. Same day schedule, free towing, quick service regardless of the car's condition, and we pay cash on the spot!

If you have an unwanted car in your driveway, call us to schedule a free pickup of your salvage car and get cash on the spot. No title... no problem, car does not run... no problem, you want to keep the player no problem, we will help you to take it out. Morgan Towing will give you top dollars for your junk car, CALL NOW!

We remove and buy all models:

  • Cars
  • Trucks and SUV's
  • Vans and MiniVans
  • Boats

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Why do we pay more for Junk and Old Cars?

This is our business, we communicate, buy, tow and sell, so we can pay more cash....

sell your junk cars njOld junk cars is our main business while for most of our competitors it is a secondary business. We buy junk vehicles, we safely remove the fluids and recycle the metal keeping the environment safe and clean. We also buy old cars, fix them and sell them. Some companies are using a sub contractor to tow your old car regardless of their reputation or quality of service. They don't know who is going to show up at your door and you don't. They don't care about the environment only about the business. We do not buy leads, we do not use a middleman, we do everything from marketing to scheduling, buying, paying and selling. We get your information, we communicate with you, we send our licensed employees, we tow your car and we actually recycle and sell the scrap metal through our partners. We control the entire process and provide top quality eco friendly service and on top of it we give you cash. We promise to pay more and we will keep our promise.

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All model and makes: Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GM, Saturn, Acura, Mazda. Any Car, any SUV, any Van and Minivan, and even TRUCKs and boats.