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call nj junk cars serviceCash for junk cars NJ:

Looking to get rid of your old car, give us a call now. We buy used and junk vehicles in New Jersey, all models, any year and make, scrap cars, salvage cars, with or without title. We also buy old trucks, SUV's and minivans. We pay cash on the spot and tow your junk car for free. Reliable, professional service 24/7 towing.

Thank you for picking up my car. Your driver was very professional.
Thanks again!
--Erin, Irvings

Thank you for removing my car. Your driver came on time, and paid cash as promised.
Thank you.
--John, Newton

Cash For Junk Cars NJ program is designed to offer people an opportunity to clean up their driveway, yard and garage and get cash by selling unwanted vehicles. New Jersey Cash For Junk Cars welcomes vehicles of all makes, models and year, domestic and foreign, running or not! We specialize in vehicles that are 5 or more years old and offer of the highest cash in return. We also tow the car for FREE. Rest assured that your old unwanted vehicle will be well taken care of and put to good use. Our environment friendly process removes and recycles vehicle fluids and hazardous materials. Parts from your old vehicle will be made available to our customers who are interested in buying car parts and the remaining scrap metal will be used to create new steel and other products. By recycling vehicles, we all help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from materials which in return saves energy, water and reduces production wastes. Call us today for free estimate:
We cover Central, Northern and most of Southern New Jersey. We tow cars to one of our major locations in Elizabeth, Jersey City, Newark, Nutley and Union or to one of our smaller spaces in Northern and Central New Jersey.
So How Much we Pay for Old Junk Cars in NJ?
Price varies by a few factors. Cost of scrap metal, car's type, size and manufacturer (amount of metal it contains), car's age and condition as well as other factors. On average we pay $300. For cars in better condition and big vehicles (SUVs, Vans, Trucks) we may pay more. Call us with the car details and get a guaranteed quote and a pickup within 1-2 hours from the call.

Car Dealer for Junk Cars and Old Trucks Serving NJ

Sell your junk vehicle to us, get cash, free towing and help keep the environment clean...

cash for damaged junk cars njYour Car Was Damaged, Can't Drive It Anymore? Need to get rid of your rusted car? Call us now for a free towing and cash on the spot for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Professional service, quick and clean. Help keep the environment clean! Call now 201-428-0441

Most people are not sure what to do with their old junk cars, so they just let them sit until they start deteriorating. These junk cars, sitting idle, often leak fluids such as anti-freeze, oil and transmission fluid, which could eventually contaminate local ground water and it is very bad for the environment. Our business is to buy and tow unwanted cars, cars and trucks damaged by storm and flood, vehicles damaged by water, fire or trees. We pay cash NOW for cars that are considered total and give you a receipt so you can get reimbursed for the balance.

We recycle the metal and sell the parts helping keep the environment clean. We licensed and service the entire state New Jersey area. We offer high quality professional service, free towing regardless of the car or truck condition, and cash on the spot, top dollars! Call today 201-428-0441. Get good money for your old junk car and help us keep our environment clean!


Don't get fooled by services who offer a high payout but negotiate a lower price at your door.
Our quote is guaranteed and our service is professional.

So how much we pay for old cars?
We buy cars, SUVS and trucks any year, any model, any condition.
We pay $300 or More in Cash and Free Towing

Level of payout depends on year, model, title, size and location.
The price we quote is the price we pay!

If you own an old, unwanted vehicle and you are located in New Jersey call us, we will tow it for free and give you cash on the spot. No title... no problem, car does not run... no problem, you want to keep the player no problem, will help you take it out.
Highest payout in the New Jersey area for any condition vehicle!!!

cash and free towing
  • Cars in any condition
  • Trucks and SUV's
  • Vans and MiniVans
  • Boats

Call today to schedule a pick-up for your flooded (total) car! Don't waste your time trying to sell it, we pay you cash. Click here to submit a request for an estimate or call us now 201-428-0441

Why do we pay more for Old Junk Cars?

This is our business, we communicate, buy, tow and sell, so we can pay more cash....

Most of the junk vehicles companies buy cars as a secondary business, we make it our only business. There are several companies that are getting the leads from customers (people like you) and they SELL it to businesses that are interested in buying old vehicles regardless of their reputation or quality of service. They don't know who is going to show up at your door. We do not buy leads, we do not use a middleman, we do everything from A to Z. WE ARE LICNESED! We get your information, we communicate with you, we send OUR drivers and employees, we tow your old car and we actually sell these cars to our partners. Therefore, we control the entire process and we can provide top quality service for top DOLLARS. We promise to pay more and we will keep our promise. We are number one Cash for Junk Cars service in New Jersey, call us and we will prove it to you. Help keep the environment clean don't let your junk car become an hazard to the environment. Don't wait for it to leak and fill your driveway and yard with fluids that could be dangerous to your family and community. We are only a few minutes away from any New Jersey location, and don't forget! you get cash for being a good citizen and getting rid of something that you can't use anymore. Call today for free towing and get cash: 201-428-0441

Vehicles Towing & Road Service 24/7

We provide emergency road service and cars/trucks towing 24/7

No job is too small, we provide emergency road service. Got stuck, car does not start, flat tire CALL US! will start your car, replace a tire and if we if needed we tow your car to a service center of your choice.

If you are in New Jersey and need any of the following services Call us: cars towing, cash for junk cars, car road service, auto and truck emergency road service, removal of junk boats and vans. We are licensed in New Jersey and service the entire state of New Jersey. We employ trained and qualified drivers and car mechanics. We use the cars we buy for scrap metal, the more metal the car contains the higher its value for us.

We service every town in New Jersey, our main locations are in North and Central NJ. We own several locations to where we tow junk cars and old vehicles. We are a New Jersey professional, licensed, insured, and trained team. You receive only top service from each and every member of our team. Call today and we will prove it to you!

All models: Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GM, Saturn, Acura, Fiat, Volkswagen, Mazda, Volvo, Saab, Infinity. Any Car, SUV, Van, Minivan, Trucks and boats.

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